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Model and Strategy

Premium Product

Premium electronic products | Use for individuals, babies, mothers and families | Health care, hygiene, smart lifestyle | Authentication, Warranty required.

Product Capacity

Made in Korea | Buying directly from the production site | Proven products in the market | Products + Sales kits + Repair + Training.

Operation Capacity

Transparent SCM | Door to Door, Warehouse 3PL | Completion, Last Mile Delivery | End to end digitization SCM.

Market Performance

Trusted, Recommended, Interactive / Enrolled, Digitalized Customer Database (number of children, demographics)

Customer Experience 

On/Offline real-time help desk | Community and Experience Sharing | Warranty, Guarantee, Loyalty.

Best Quality X Best Price

Authentic products, proven by the market | Digitalized transparency SCM | Reduce costs, maximize quality.

Chain Management

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